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Donations to the Frederic von Anhalt Foundation are tax deductible.

For your donation of 200 euros or more, you will receive a donation receipt from us, which you can submit to the tax office with your tax return.  For donations under 200 euros, the bank statement is sufficient as a presentation to the tax office.

You are welcome to deposit your donation into the following account:

Frederic von Anhalt Foundation

Subject: Donation - please give your name and address

Please do not forget your name and address on the transfer, this will keep the administrative costs for issuing a donation receipt low.

IBAN: DE52 8005 3572 0030 0304 00
Bank code: 800 535 72 Account: 300 30 400
Bank: Stadtsparkasse Dessau · BIC: NOLADE21DES

You can also safely donate directly via PayPal - please click here:


We are exempt from corporate income tax according to the last notice of exemption received or according to the annex to the corporation tax law of the tax office Dessau-Rosslau, tax number 114/142/04580 of 20.06.2018 according to § 5 para. 1 No. 9 of the corporation tax law and according to § 3 No. 6 of the Trade Tax Act from trade tax - due to the exclusively and directly tax-privileged charitable and charitable purposes within the meaning of §§ 51 ff. AO - exempt.


Treatment of donations
The corporation is entitled to use donations for the following purposes:

- Promotion of youth welfare

- Promotion of the welfare system

can be used to issue donation confirmations according to the officially prescribed form (Section 50 (1) EStDV).


The district court or a public prosecutor's office ordered you to make a payment to the Frederic von Anhalt Foundation? In this case, we ask you to only use the following bank details for monetary requirements or fines:


Account 30030400
BLZ 80053572
Sparkasse Dessau

IBAN: DE52 8005 3572 0030 0304 00



Important instructions:
Always include the file number in the purpose of use. Only then can we inform the competent authority about your receipt of payment. According to the law, payments made within the framework of a monetary deposit do not count as voluntary, deductible donations. Therefore we cannot issue a donation receipt. Therefore, never enter "Donation" as the subject. Otherwise this could lead to disadvantages for you.

We are not allowed to influence your payment deadline or the possibility of using installment payments. Please contact the competent court directly. Unfortunately, we are not permitted to make our own arrangements with you.

Dear judges and prosecutors,
Your allocation helps, because we depend on donations and financial support to help finance projects related to disabled children in Saxony-Anhalt. We will inform you promptly about the receipts and any conditions that have not been fulfilled. We treat the procedures confidentially.
You can order transfer slips or account stickers here:


Your foundation team

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